NAS System Product


+ Chiller system water cooling & Air-cooling

Product Description


Nata Air Chill Water Unit are compact self-contained unit that supply low temperature chill water to Air Handling Unit to cool down the air which distribute to the rooms at the desired temperature. It is designed as an optimized, compact & robust, high efficiency with high accuracy temperature control & monitoring with Siemens PLC control System.




    • Cooling capacities from 100 to 2000kW
    • Compact design
    • PLC controls
    • Marine Type Compressors: Compact Screw Compressor or Semi-Hermetic Compressor or Open Reciprocating Compressor.
    • Cu/Ni shell and tube condenser for seawater, cast iron shell and Cu tube condenser for freshwater, Cu/Cu air cooled condenser for air cool. Other material combinations and coatings are available on request.
    • Vibration dampers, flexible connections for refrigerant and water pipes are supplied as standard.

    Chiller system water cooling & Air-cooling