NAS HVAC & Refigeration System Service


PT. Nata Air Sagara is the answer to the need for quality and expedition of customer services to cater the fast business pace. Starting from HVAC IRM (Inspection, Repair, Maintenance) to a one stop supply of HVAC solutions & supply of HVAC system and accessory. We are growing by diversifying of support services

  • Maintenance or service all the HVAC & Refrigeration system

  • Conversion of refrigerant and overhauling HVAC & Ref. System

  • Provide engineer with BOSIET certificate under OPITO approval

  • Fabrication and installation of ducting with or without insulation for air conditioning & ventilation system

  • Supply and Install HVAC & Refrigeration accessory

  • Modification, repair and ducting cleaning

  • Galley Hood Cleaning

  • Insulation work

  • Piping Works (Refrigerant Piping, Drain Piping & etc)