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+ Package Unit

Product Description

Nata Air packaged units are self-contained air conditioning units with all components fully assembled as a compact unit, it operates either seawater cooled, fresh water cooled, air cooled or other tailored made units to meet the customer’s requirement.

These units can be used for all kinds of small capacity air conditioning requirements. Cold-rolled steel sheet casing and rigid galvanized steel frame.

The casing is thermally insulated to prevent condensation and surface treatment by plastic spraying to resist corrosion. Plenum with adjustable grill and optional for fresh air intake as well.



  • Cooling capacities from 10.5 to 105kW
  • Cooling coil for direct expansion or chiller water
  • High efficiency centrifugal fan
  • Hermetically sealed scroll or semi-seal reciprocating type compressor with low sound generation
  • Cu/Ni shell and tube condenser for seawater, cast iron shell and Cu tube condenser for freshwater, Cu/Cu air cooled condenser for air cool. Other material combinations and coatings are available on request.
  • Standard refrigerant R404A or R407C, or other refrigerants are available on request.
  • Air filter (EU-2) with optional forEU-4.
  • Control panel with motor protection by thermal overload relay, temperature control and compressor control
  • Specially designed 100% fresh air packaged unit for Galley with various capacities.

Package Unit